How to Prepare for the AC Season

Summer might feel like it is still several months away. However, you will be switching from heating to cooling before you know it. Your AC will soon work regularly to maintain comfortable temperatures inside your house. Before the temperature begins to rise, it is ideal to prepare for the increased usage of your AC.   

Today, we’re going to share some tips on preparing for the air conditioning season. If you think your AC isn’t working correctly, it is time to hire an HVAC repair Spokane company for help.  

Keep the Heat Outdoors  

Lowering the outdoor heat seeping inside your house is one of the best ways to improve comfort in your house. If you want to prevent the sun from heating your house, you should utilize high-quality window treatments. This can include plantation shutters, honeycomb shades, or blackout curtains.   

Here are a couple of other tips to keep your home cool without overworking your AC unit:  

  • Seal your windows and doors using weatherstripping and caulk  
  • Guarantee proper airflow by keeping air vents uncovered  
  • Get rid of humidity and heat when you shower by turning on the bathroom fan  
  • Turn on ceiling fans when you are in a room  

Examine Your Smoke Detectors and Thermostat  

Now is the ideal time to check other vital components of your AC system.   

You’ve got to guarantee your thermostat is appropriately running if you depend on it. Buy new batteries if they are getting low.   

Consider installing a smart thermostat if you want more convenience and control. This gadget will help you save energy. Aside from that, a couple of models can even tell you if there is something wrong with your AC unit.   

While they aren’t part of your AC system, it is also ideal for examining the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Making sure they still work you peace of mind.  

Replace the Air Filter  

To properly maintain your AC unit, you have to replace the air filter regularly. If you hired a professional HVAC technician for a tune-up visit, chances are they also replaced the filters. However, if you haven’t hired anyone for a long time, you should consider replacing the filters independently.   

The frequency of replacing the air filter varies on several factors. This includes:  

  • Having pets  
  • Having someone in your house with respiratory issues, such as allergies or asthma  
  • The form of filter you use.  

Clean Your AC Unit  

When it comes to cleaning your AC unit, you won’t have to disassemble your system. This is particularly true if you don’t know what you’re doing.   

However, it would help if you cleaned the surroundings around the unit. For example:  

  • Make sure your AC unit has at least 1-foot of free room on every side  
  • Make sure you trim the plants and grass that surround your unit  
  • Remove grass clippings, leaves, and twigs from the outside of your AC unit  

The performance of your AC is greatly affected if it is filled with dirt and dust. Because of this, you should hire a professional HVAC technician for routine AC maintenance.